martes, 2 de agosto de 2011


Most of the students of 4th ESO SECCIÓN BILINGÜE in the School went on a trip to London on March 18. We were looking forward to that day, because we really wanted to miss some school days, although it also ment to miss one weekend here which was not so exciting, but our greatest wish was to be all together for some days in a city like London. We visited places like the British Museum, that is really interesting, but not one of the most interesting places for people of our age. We went to Green Park, some of us went to Covent Garden, Chinatown, Soho and visited landmarks such as Tower Bridge or Big Ben. But I think we all agree that the best places in London were those where we could go shopping: Oxford Street and Camden Town.

When we had some free time, we went by tube, which is very easy to use or we walked around, but London is a very big city and walking is very tiring. When we really had the greatest time was, no doubt, while goofing around in the hotel at night. The last day we were very sad because everything has ended and we had to go back to Vigo and the worst part that we had to go back to lessons again. But there was something good: in the end we were given back our deposit in the hotel, so not everything was that bad on the last day.


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